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Some years in Fall, we contact our neighbors to get permission to collect their walnuts. Unfortunately, we don't have the people power to do this process this year. These local orchards are usually small in size and have gone out of commercial production. Because of this, the walnuts are organic, though they are not certified organic. We start after the first rain, gathering walnuts after Quaker Meeting on Sunday afternoons. The walnuts are then dried in a local solar shed. In December, we invite a big group of Quaker young adults to stay with us for the weekend when we separate the shelled and cracked walnuts. Our quality control person then packages the walnuts into one pound bags and we take them to Santa Rosa, Berkeley and San Francisco Quaker Meetings. We have not had any trouble selling our freshly picked, organic walnuts directly to Friends. If you are interested in buying our walnuts, act quickly to contact us by email.